INAX meets Japanese Top Interior Designers

Date: 2017, For: INAX, Category: Installation


A moment of being embraced in an environment in which water and the earth synchronize with each other.

Our lives stem from the synchronization of the two foundations of life - water and the earth. So, how can I design a space in which one can enjoy fully such synchronization? Starting with this question in mind, I attempted to create a bathroom space that leads to the essence of living.

In a deep forest. There is a bathroom at a residence by a lake abundant with fresh water. The pure, natural water nurtured by the rich forest flows as a stream and a waterfall, all the way into the bathroom through the terraced floors. Mixing with the air inside the room, the water purifies the space and returns back to nature.

The cold, brisk air in the morning and the soft, gentle breeze in the evening are borne by the forest and its pristine water.

Giving the illusion of being in a deep forest and gradually blurring the boundaries between the outdoors and the indoors, this space allows us to feel the relaxing comfort of being embraced by the great nature. Therein lied the answer. The space we were pursuing, in which water and the earth synchronized with each other, became a special room that invigorates and heals us through nature.

Deep Forest Residence (or Deep Forest Bathroom). The inspiration and energy received from water and the earth enrich people's lives and well-being. Combining the nature’s blessing at the core of our foundation with the refined beauty of Japanese culture, an unrivaled bathroom space is now born.